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For more than ten years, the firm has been known for offering the highest level of expertise in the areas of literary and artistic property and digital law. For this reason it is included in the most renowned independent international rankings.

It is specified that these rankings have never been the subject of remuneration by the firm to the listing organisations.



Apidays Paris Conference: "4 years later: is the RGPD (still) a Tiger paper?”

Participation of Florence Gaullier to the round-table "4 years later: is the GDPR (still) a Tiger paper?” at Apidays Paris at Cité des Sciences et de l'Industrie on Wednesday, December 14, 2022 à 3.15pm.

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Leaders League’s ranking 2022 "Media & Entertainment"

Ranking of Vercken & Gaullier Law Firm among the best law firms in 2022 by Leaders League "Media & Entertainment", sections Publishing (ranking "Excellent"), Audiovisual (ranking "Excellent"), Music (ranking "Excellent"), Radio (ranking "Highly recommended"), Live Shows (ranking "Highly recommended") and Gaming (ranking "Excellent").

Ranking Publishing Ranking Audiovisual Ranking Music Ranking Radio Ranking Live Shows Ranking Gaming



Vercken & Gaullier Law Firm wins the Best Lawyers Award of “Law Firm of the Year” 2023 in France in the Media Law section

For the first time, the firm won the Award of “Law Firm of the Year - 2023” in the Media Law section from Best Lawyers.




Vercken & Gaullier Law Firm wins the Managing IP Award of “French Copyright Firm of the Year” 2022

For the third time, the firm won the Award of “French Copyright Firm of the Year - 2022” from Managing Intellectual Property.




Managing IP Star ranking: Florence Gaullier is referenced in the Top 250 Women in IP 2022

Ranking of Florence Gaullier among the 14 French women in the "Top 250 Women in IP 2022" by Managing IP




Managing IP Stars ranking: Florence Gaullier, Edouard Mille and Gilles Vercken are "Copyright Stars 2022"

Ranking of Florence Gaullier, Edouard Mille and Gilles Vercken as "Copyright Stars 2022" by Managing IP




Vercken & Gaullier Law Firm short-listed for the MIP awards 2022 "French Firm of the Year – Copyright" and Gilles Vercken for the MIP award 2022 of "Copyright Practitioner of the Year" in France

Vercken & Gaullier is short-listed among the 6 best law firms in France for the MIP award "Firm of the Year 2022 - Copyright". The winner will be announced by Managing Intellectual Property on June 15, 2022.

Gilles Vercken is also short-listed for the award of "Practitioner of the Year" in copyright for France.




Ranking Le Point 2022

Ranking of our law firm among the best law firms in "Copyright law" (5 out of 5 stars) and "New technologies, informatic and communication law" (4 out of 5 stars) in the ranking Le Point/Statista 2022

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Ranking "Legal 500, EMEA"

Ranking of Vercken & Gaullier Law Firm among the best law firms in France in the 2022 edition of the "Legal 500, Europe, Middle East & Africa", international guide of law firms, in “Copyright”, "IT and internet" and in "Media and entertainment" with the following comments:

Intellectual Property: “The copyright team at boutique law firm Vercken & Gaullier is led by the experienced Florence Gaullier, who specialises in EU copyright law, data protection and e-commerce law as well as the collective management of rights, Edouard Mille, who acts on both advisory and litigious mandates, and Gilles Vercken, whose expertise cut across a broad range of sectors including publishing, IT, music and gaming. The group is also sought after to assist with regulatory affairs and lobbying campaigns at the European level in areas of copyright, media and information technologies law.”

Book Publishers:Vercken & Gaullier assist notable book publishers with copyright matters, pre-litigation and litigation issues, as well as with contract negotiations. The firm is retained for its expertise in copyright infringement, unfair competition and parasitic behaviour proceedings. It has also built expertise in the legal framework for the digitalisation of books. Co-founders Florence Gaullier and Gilles Vercken lead the practice together with Edouard Mille.”

Television / Radio:Founded by Gilles Vercken and Florence Gaullier in 2017, Vercken & Gaullier advises on all types of artistic property, including in the audiovisual sector. Edouard Mille is particularly involved in copyright and related rights in TV production and distribution. The team has been working for the FEVEM, the French federation of media monitoring companies, regarding copyright issues for over 15 years.”

Ranking Intellectual Property: Copyright Ranking Book Publishers Ranking Television / Radio Ranking IT & Internet



Ranking Leaders League "Technologies, Internet & Telecommunications"

Ranking of Vercken & Gaullier Law Firm among the best law firms in France for 2022 in the magazine Leaders League, "Technology, internet & telecommunications" edition, in the sections Data Protection (ranking "Highly Recommended"), IT, software & digital projects (ranking "Highly Recommended") and Internet (ranking "Highly Recommended")

Data Protection Internet Law IT, software & digital projects