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Areas of expertise

In all its areas of expertise, the firm’s work includes drafting and negotiating contracts or settlements, the services of consultancy and drafting legal opinions, assisting and representing clients in pre-litigation and litigation, including in the context of conciliation, arbitration or mediation. It also assists its clients with their lobbying campaigns at national or European level. The firm is also regularly required to participate in audits in the context of equity operations or company takeovers.

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  • Literary and Artistic Property

    Literary and Artistic Property

  • Media and communication

    Media and communication

  • Information technology, digital and Internet

    IT, digital and Internet

  • Concurrence déloyale et parasitisme

    Unfair competition and parasitism

  • Personal data

    Data protection

  • e-Commerce


Literary and Artistic Property

The firm takes care of all legal needs in the area of literary and artistic property.

The firm is more specifically renowned for its expertise in copyright and neighbouring rights in all sectors, and collective management in particular.

+  Pre-litigation, litigation, mediation, arbitration, monitoring of expertise or transactions relating to copyright and neighbouring rights

+   Consultancy, legal opinion, assistance, drafting and implementing contracts relating to intellectual property (order, service, transfer, licence, remits, etc.): commission contract, publishing contract, production contract, representation contract, artists’ contract, option contract, author’s contract, fixed-term contracts of employment (CDDU), etc.

+  Audits (due diligence)

+  Legal opinions on specialised and technical subjects of literary and artistic property

+  Negotiating and monitoring contracts with collective management companies (SACEM, SESAM, SDRM, SACD, SCAM, ADAGP, SCPP, SPPF, SPRE, PROCIREP, ANGOA-AGICOA, CFC, SEM, SOFIA, etc.)

+  Consultancy and litigation on the subject of social security charges specific to authors and artists (AGESSA, URSSAF)

+  Training for legal experts, judges, operational teams or university students

+  Support with lobbying campaigns of the firm’s clients (drawing up pitches, position papers, amendments, etc.)


The firm also has practical knowledge and considerable expertise in anti-counterfeiting (also known as anti-piracy) litigation.

+  Counterfeiting seizures

+  Notifications to intermediaries, actions for the purposes of blocking or filtering measures

+  Criminal action (complaint, monitoring the investigation, submissions, pleadings) or civil action (summonses, procedural hearings, submissions, pleadings)

+  Relations with the customs authorities (cases of retention of goods, monitoring of seizures day-to-day)

+  Monitoring of search engines, content exchange platforms and P2P sites, websites for the sale of counterfeit products

+  Action against counterfeiters on the Internet and in storess

+  Action against service providers and technical intermediaries


Because the use of content in the digital world constantly raises new questions and requires ongoing adaptation, the firm has also developed recognised and appreciated expertise in intellectual property law applied to new information technologies.

+ Licensing/transfer of software or software packages and databases

+ Video games

+ Free software and free licences

+ nPVR

+ Virtual reality

+ Robots

+ 3D printing

Also see the IT, digital and Internet section.


Customer Specifications Sector of activity, subject
Collecting rights society The firm advised the client in its exchanges with the succession of a performer artist and its testamentary executor as well as in the management of the royalties before the distribution of the estate. Music
Bar club The Firm managed the client’s relations with collecting societies for copyright and related right. Music
French Event agency The firm advised the client following claims of a collective management organization for performer's rights based on the communication to the public of music during the organized events. Music
Publisher The firm drafted contracts to transfer to a third publisher the rights and obligations of the client for the publication of a book in foreign language. Edition
Television sport network channel The firm drafted for the client an analysis of the risk incurred in case of synchronisation of musical titles within trailers on the sole basis of contracts entered into with collective management societies without asking for the authorization of the autors of the musical works used and their potential music publishers. Television
French holding company managing major public French media groups which broadcast or publish internationally The firm drafted several contract models for subpublishing agreements in the music sector. Television & radio
Company specialized in the publishing of school text books The firm assisted the client as an arbitrator in a mediation opposing the client to two Egyptian authors. Edition