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Areas of expertise

In all its areas of expertise, the firm’s work includes drafting and negotiating contracts or settlements, the services of consultancy and drafting legal opinions, assisting and representing clients in pre-litigation and litigation, including in the context of conciliation, arbitration or mediation. It also assists its clients with their lobbying campaigns at national or European level. The firm is also regularly required to participate in audits in the context of equity operations or company takeovers.

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  • Literary and Artistic Property

    Literary and Artistic Property

  • Media and communication

    Media and communication

  • Information technology, digital and Internet

    IT, digital and Internet

  • Concurrence déloyale et parasitisme

    Unfair competition and parasitism

  • Personal data

    Data protection

  • e-Commerce


Data protection

The firm advises its clients on all aspects related to personal data protection and supports them in related litigation.

+  Audit of personal data processing

Assistance with impact analyses

+  Assistance with bringing into compliance

+  Drafting notices, information sheets, privacy policies, cookies policies

+  Drafting clauses specific to personal data in contracts

+  Advice and support in the application of Privacy by design and Privacy by default principles

+  Validation of client or user experiences

+  Assistance with administrative formalities with CNIL (French data protection authority)

+  Support and advice in the context of CNIL inspections

+  Support and advice in the context of complaints from persons whose personal data are processed (right of access, right of objection, etc.)

+  Support with lobbying campaigns of the firm’s clients (drafting pitches, position papers, amendments, etc.)

+  Training for legal experts, judges, operational teams or university students


Customer Specifications Sector of activity, subject
Company specialized in digital marketing The firm advises the client in its implementation of compliance with the French Data Protection Act and the rules regarding direct prospecting, especially by drafting its terms and conditions for its clients and its providers and by drafting privacy and cookies policies, an IT charter and a template contract for its providers for mass e-mail campaigns. Advertising
Telecommunications operator The firm advises the client in the context of investigations by the French Data Protection Authority. Telecommunication
Collaborative platform dedicated to the air travel The firm advised the client on its role, its obligations and the warranties that it may bring as a processor of an airline company on behalf of which it will process personal data concerning passengers.
Company specialized in the creation and development of websites and apps The firm advised the client on the creation of a website offering to the web users to place bets without any pecuniary stake or gain. Web
Advertising and communication agency The firm assisted the client in the negotiation of a contract regarding privacy matters between the client and one of its most important client (bank).
Multinational company specialized in the manufacturing and the distribution of chemical products The firm advised the client on the data protection issues in the context of a merger.
Company specialised in the understanding and the analysis of the consumers‘ behavior The firm assisted the client in the context of a control by the French Data Protection Authority on its data processing regarding its consumer panels and the follow-up of this control.
Company specialised in the understanding and the analysis of the consumers‘ behavior The firm organized training sessions for the client’s employees on the new european regulation on data protection (GDPR) and audited its personal data processings in order to help the client to ensure the compliance with the new rules of the GDPR before it becomes effective.
Telecommunications operator The firm advised the client on the legal implications of the evolution of its fraud and delinquencies prevention tool under data protection law.
Department of legal affairs of a French region The firm drafted a legal opinion regarding the intellectual property rights (copyright on the software, rights on database and data, etc.) regarding a complex project on a transport data modelling which involved several public and private partners.