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About us

Created in 2005, the business of Vercken & Gaullier Law Firm is solely focused on two specialised areas: literary and artistic property (copyright, neighbouring rights, database producer rights), and digital law (IT contracts and litigation, liability of intermediaries, personal data, e-commerce, e-reputation, etc.).


With the cooperation of Valérie-Laure Benabou, Professor of Law (PhD), and of Benjamin Jean, Open Source/Open Data technical consultant, a structured team of six lawyers is at the service of the firm’s clients, which consist of large international groups, SMEs, government departments, public authorities and institutions.


The firm has built up a reputation in all traditional media sectors (publishing, music, television and radio, art, etc.), but also in new sectors (video games, multimedia, websites, platforms, market places, social networks, software, etc.). The team is passionate about information technologies and understands both the technical and commercial aspects of the digital world.


In all these areas, the firm’s work ranges from drafting or negotiating contracts or settlements, consultancy and drafting legal opinions to assisting and representing clients in pre-litigation or litigation. It also assists its clients with their lobbying campaigns at national or European level. Lastly, the firm is regularly required to participate in audits for equity operations or company takeovers.


With the experience of its three partners, Florence GaullierEdouard Mille and Gilles Vercken, who previously worked for a large international firm, the firm has achieved a balanced and effective synthesis of methods used by large and small firms, which involve rigour, a permanent watch on legal developments, the capacity to manage large projects, including internationally due to its worldwide network of contacts, efficient organisation, proximity, understanding of client needs, availability and responsiveness.


The firm actively participates in discussions and initiatives on the future of law and digital technology: articles, symposiums, committees, legal opinion to the relevant authorities. The team is a member of several professional organisations including: AFCDP (French Association of Data Protection Officers), AFPIDA (French Association for International Copyright Protection), ALAI (International Literary and Artistic Association), CSPLA (High Council for Literary and Artistic Property), GESTE.

Due to its professional experience, its policy of strong relations with specialised academics and its perfect understanding of its clients' needs, Vercken & Gaullier Law Firm is known for offering the highest level of expertise in its areas of activity. For this reason it has been included in the most recognised international rankings for more than ten years (Legal 500, Chambers and Partners, Managing Intellectual Property, Leaders League, etc.).



Vercken & Gaullier Law Firm in brief


Sectors: music, entertainment (in particular video games), Internet, digital marketing, art, IT, media (television, radio, press, publishing), e-commerce.


Areas of legal expertise: literary and artistic property and digital law.


Services: legal opinion, litigation, contracts, consultancy, negotiation, mediation, support with lobbying campaigns.


Team values: generosity, legal expertise, technical and commercial expertise in its clients’ business activities, passion for information technologies and the digital world, good negotiators, in particular Gilles Vercken and Florence Gaullier, permanent watch, active participation in discussions and initiatives on the future of law and digital technology.


Growth areas: personal data law audits, consultancy and assistance with regulatory affairs and lobbying campaigns at European level in the areas of copyright, media and information technologies, consultancy and assistance with Open Source and Open Data.



Very strong links with academia: the firm has forged strong links with university professors and senior lecturers, which enables the firm to provide very high quality advice.

For example:

+ the team includes Valérie-Laure Benabou, Associate Professor of Law;

+ the firm has created its own thesis award in partnership with the Intellectual Property Research Institute (IRPI);

+ the team often works with PhD students or academics specialised in a specific subject when this may be useful for the case.

Specific knowledge of issues related to Open Source and Open Data: the firm has developed specific legal expertise in Open Source and Open Data and works with a technical consultant, Benjamin Jean, a specialist known for his technical knowledge of these subjects.

Lobbying: the legal firm participates in drafting pitches, position papers and amendments. These lobbying campaigns are launched at both national and European level.

Collective management of copyrights and neighbouring rights: the firm’s expertise in negotiating with collective management companies for the management of copyrights and neighbouring rights is particularly renowned.


Topical subjects: contract law reform, the Blockchain, robots, 3D printing, personal data regulations, the issues of Open Data and Open Innovation, nPVR, the concepts of digital data, files and content, platforms, the European copyright reform bill, and more generally the Digital Single Strategy of the European Union, etc.


Examples of typical services:

Literary and artistic property: legal opinion; drafting and negotiating contracts in the following areas: music, art, publishing, press, television, radio and video games; negotiating with collective management companies; any type of copyright and neighbouring rights litigation.

Digital: legal opinion; drafting and negotiating software contracts (including for large-scale operations); assistance with audits of IT licences by large software publishers; audits of compliance with data protection law and general regulations on data protection (personal data protection); drafting privacy and cookies policies; drafting general terms and conditions of use, of sale or of services; all types of litigation in digital or information technologies (NICT) law.