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Areas of expertise

In all its areas of expertise, the firm’s work includes drafting and negotiating contracts or settlements, the services of consultancy and drafting legal opinions, assisting and representing clients in pre-litigation and litigation, including in the context of conciliation, arbitration or mediation. It also assists its clients with their lobbying campaigns at national or European level. The firm is also regularly required to participate in audits in the context of equity operations or company takeovers.

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  • Literary and Artistic Property

    Literary and Artistic Property

  • Media and communication

    Media and communication

  • Information technology, digital and Internet

    IT, digital and Internet

  • Concurrence déloyale et parasitisme

    Unfair competition and parasitism

  • Personal data

    Data protection

  • e-Commerce


Unfair competition and parasitism

The firm very regularly supports its clients in defending their interests following acts of unfair competition or parasitism.

+  Comparative analysis of products and services

+  Letter of formal notice

+  Pre-litigation

+  Litigation, arbitration, mediation or settlement


Customer Specifications Sector of activity, subject
Website publisher The firm assisted the client in a conflict with a company claiming infringement to trademarks rights and acts of parasitism resulting from referencing in a couponing website. Marketing
Publisher of scientific litterature The firm advised the client in its exchanges with a competitor looking to profit from the client’s recognition to sell its own books. Edition
Company specialized in the reprocessing of electronic items The firm assisted the client in the defence of its rights in front of a competitor which duplicated its website.
Publisher The firm assisted the client in a dispute with another publisher claiming that it has copyrights on illustrations that were reproduced by the client in brochures and for scale model vehicles. Edition
Company specialized in the development of software programs for financial reporting and management The firm represented the client in an unfair competition litigation against a former employee who started a campaign to destabilize the company.
French public higher education establishment The firm advised the client on the defence of its trade mark to put an end to a situation involving unfair competition and/or parasitism issues.
Publishing company The firm represents and advise a Swiss publishing company regarding a pre-litigation matter based on unfair competition and passing-off against a French publishing company. Edition
Company specialized in the supplying of typefaces The firm advised the client during its correspondences with a competitor planning to put on the market a typeface that may infringe the rights on a typeface already proposed on the market by the client.
Company specialized in the publishing of school text books The firm represented the client in an unfair competition and free riding litigation against a competing publishing company which copied the cover of two successful and well-known book series published by our client. Edition